The nursing profession will never fail to surprise us. Even though how much we emotionally and physically prepare ourselves for duty, there will always be a circumstance that comes like a bolt from the blue.

Here are some examples that probably you can relate to:


  1. When your patient tells you he/she never passed out for a week.



  1. When you see a no ordinary ulcer! Everything is necrotic, and you can even see the patient’s bone.



  1. When you see your patient helplessly sprawling on the floor. (Uh-oh, what shall I write in my incident report?)



  1. When you see a struggling pediatric patient. This does not only leave you on shock but also breaks your heart.



  1. When you see things you thought only exist on textbooks. Welcome to the world of nursing: from gross to extremely gross!



  1. When you can’t find your patient in his/her room and all the folks and their belongings are gone.



  1. Your confuse/shock face when you are asked to make an incident report that you know nothing about.



  1. When you made a mistake or forgotten something, when you’re almost done writing your charting.



  1. When you found out that your patient is already speaking when he/she is supposed to be on endotracheal tube.



  1. When you cleaned your patient for half an hour and after two long minutes…yep, the patient is messed-up again.



  1. When you just finished performing a bed bath in your patient and cleaning his/her poop… when you noticed a hole in your gloves.



  1. When you’re going inside and out that particular room, and when you see his/her chest x-ray result… yup! Airborne prec!



  1. When you just finished wiping your patient’s booty, started to put fresh diapers and under pads… and there it goes again… new batch of poop.



  1. When you need to perform CPR to a patient from a vehicular accident, covered with blood… and his/her bowels and internal organs are now external…



  1. When you still see weird cases… even after decades of working in the hospital, and you thought you’ve seen it all.

Do you have other shocking experience to share? Write it down and let us hear all about it.


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