hiatal hernia nursing care plan

The esophagus is normally passing through the esophageal hiatus of the diaphragm. In cases of muscle weakness wherein there is an allowing of protrusion of some parts of the esophagus and stomach into the chest cavity, there means a lot of health problems like in the case of hiatal hernia. The sipping of these organ’s parts leads to the formation of strictures and narrowing of their openings, causing the inability to hold the pressure from the upward pressure of continuous peristalsis and downward pressure from ingested food.

Among the risks that poses primary concern in hiatal hernia is aspiration. This is the condition of abnormal or accidental movement of regurgitated gastric contents into the lungs due to blockage or narrowing of their passageways. This condition could cause other health problems, if not severe enough to cause disabilities and death. Pain, malnutrition, sleep disturbances, and activity intolerance are also common problems in hiatal hernia but of less concern.

There are two main groups of care plans for hiatal hernia, this involves conservative and surgical management. Conservative management includes diet, positioning, weight reduction, and medication use. Surgical management of hiatal hernia, known as herniorrhapy, is indicated for severe cases, or those that don’t respond to conservative management.

Hiatal Hernia Nursing Care Plan – Risk For Aspiration 

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