The Christmas trees and the colorful lights are up.

It’s that time of the year that makes all the shopping centers crowded. Adding to this struggle is finding the right gift for a special person is not as easy as it looks. It takes a lot of research to actually find the right present that will put a smile on the other person’s face.

best gifts for nurse in christmas

Nursing is a profession of passion. Nurses provide care to their patients regardless of season. Yes, you can probably get something generic, but surely the other person will appreciate when you pick out something personal for them. Maybe something that would honor their profession, as nurses are very passionate with their job. Luckily, there are plenty of great ideas that will make this Christmas season unforgettable for your nurse friend. With that being said,

Check out this list of 20 Best Christmas Gifts Ideas You can Buy for a Nurse

Useful at Work

The following gift ideas are the most useful in the daily life of nurses.

  1. Stethoscope

stethoscope for nurse

For nurses, the stethoscope serves as an essential guide in conducting patient assessment. Although hospital may provide stethoscope, they are often of low quality or auscultation may be undesirable.

There are different brands and designs of stethoscope available in the market. The quality of auscultation differs depending on the specialty it is used for. There is also a wide range of tube colors and bell gradients to choose from. In choosing a stethoscope as a gift, you must know his or her color preference and specialty area.

A well-made, dependable stethoscope is a must-have for any nurse.

You might want to include a stethoscope charm, cover or name engraving to make it more personal. Contrary to the expensive price of the stethoscope, accessories for it are fairly inexpensive.

  1. Pulse Oximeter


Another nerdy gift that’s very useful for nurses is a pulse oximeter. At the birth of portable pulse oximeter, the nurse who owns one would be the most popular nurse in the floor. But now it has become a part of the nursing paraphernalia.

Pulse oximeter displays the pulse rate and the oxygen level of the patient. It is portable and very handy.

Some nurses like decorating it with sticker rhinestones to give it a personality.

  1. Nursing Paraphernalia
emergency kit bag

One of the nurses’ primary roles is to assess patients and provided the care they need. To do this nurses need a complete set of paraphernalia. This would include the following: bondage scissors, pen light stethoscope, pulse oximeter, and other tools required for their area of specialty.

  1. Pen
pen different colors

Pens are an important part of every nurses working life, so why not give them the gift of a fun engraved pen that provides additional functionality for work.

Recently a popular brand of pen released a multi-functional 4+1 pen. It is a 4 colored pen (red, black, blue, green) and mechanical pencil in one. It’s light and refillable.

  1. Stationary Set
cart for christmas

Nurses are a little obsessive-compulsive. Help them keep their work area neat and clean with a stationary set organizer complete with the essentials. This would include pencils, ruler, paper, scissors, calculator, sticky paper, tape and clips.

How about giving your nurse a helping hand by giving her a clipboard?

  1. Clipboard

Hospitals are slowly transitioning from papered charts to digital charts, yet this hasn’t stopped nurses in using paper to take down notes. Clipboards are often utilized as a comfortable writing surface. It usually serves as a “quick reference” or reminder to more things that have to attend to.

checklist clipboard

There is a clipboard that is available in the market that has a storage compartment where you can put paper and you pens in. Some have even included medical cheats for nurses on the surface.

  1. Tumbler / Mug

starbucks cup

Nurses are on their feet all day constantly attending to patients’ needs and sometimes they forget to keep themselves hydrated.

How about giving them a vacuum insulated stainless tumbler. This tumbler would keep their drinks in constant temperature, regardless whether they like it ice cold or piping hot.

Or some would prefer the classic coffee mug that gives that homey feeling at work.

You can even have their names printed or inspirational quotes.

If your nurse friend simply loves caffeine and you want to gift them something inexpensive and practical, a tumbler or mug is a fun and thoughtful idea.

  1. Coffee Maker

coffee cup

Because of the hectic and shifting work schedule, a coffee maker would make a great gift for nurses. It would help them be alert and awake during their shift.

It allows nurses to brew their coffee to perfections according to their taste. It keeps coffee readily available for consumption for all anytime.

It goes perfectly with the mug and tumbler that others would give them.

Fashion and Accessories

Nurses’ jobs are often messy, both literally and emotionally, but the clothes they wear make them functional and efficient. Having to wear a set of uniform does not mean that they can’t go with the flow of fashion. You will be amazed how nurses dress up outside their hospitals.

  1. Bag

bag for nurses

The amount of gear nurses equip themselves every day is quite overwhelming. They carry a lot of item back and forth between work and home. Finding a bag that would fit their scrubs, shoes, stethoscope, nameplates, and other things then need at the same time would fit their personality. Nurses usually match their bag to their fashion statement so choosing a bag would be a little challenging.

There are tons of options for bags for nurses to choose from. Some would prefer the classic medical bag that will solely for medical equipment. Some would go for backpacks which would easily fit large amount of things but it would so promote proper posture and prevent spinal and muscle problems.  Other would use signature bags that are conveniently big enough to fit their things.

Getting a bag for your favorite nurse can get quite pricey but it will be very useful.

  1. Watch

second hand watch

Some hospitals restrict nurses from wearing wrist watches as it can be hazardous because they can get caught on things. It can also hinder proper hand washing. For these institutions, the nurse pocket/pin watch has been innovated. It comes in different silicon colors. I can easily be kept in your pocket or be pinned on your scrubs.

Although other hospitals allow nurses to wear watches with proper procedure for hand washing and hand disinfecting must be followed. In school, we were taught that the perfect watch should have a second hand because it is much need during vital sign taking.

Joining the evolution of fitness watch, it is just right that nurses are able to monitor their own health using a fitness watch. It is able to tract their activity levels during their shift or outside their workplace.

Any watch, digital or analog, can be accurate. You just have to keep in mind that good watches for nurses should be durable, high-visibility and it’s waterproof for easy disinfecting. Above all, it’s stylish!

  1. Scrubs

Scrubs are the staple wardrobe for nurses. Who wouldn’t want soft scrubs?

Scrubs suits should be able to sustain 8-16hours shifts every day, should perfectly fit and comfortable. Add an extra special touch with personalized embroidery. There are wide variety of color and style of scrubs to choose.

nurse scrubs

Some special areas like the operating room (OR), nurses are required to have hair cap. OR Caps are available in classy print and beautiful color combination.

Why not give them another set of scrubs to enjoy? They just can’t have enough.

  1. Jacket

If you know nurses that work in cold environments a thoughtful way to keep them warm is to give them a comfortable nurse hoodie or jacket. Hoodies come in different colors and fun designs. It provides a little style to a nurse’s current wardrobe while maintaining a professional appearance.

dress hang in the alley

You may also include quotes and messages to make those hoodies and jackets fun and inspirational.

  1. Jewelry

When shopping for gifts, you really cannot go wrong with jewelry. There are different jewelry designs to choose from. Although jewelries aren’t allowed during shift, Nurses are able to wear them off shift with their casual clothes.

jewelries store

If you’re stuck on what to give a significant other or close friend, this is the gift you want to put under the tree.

  1. Socks / Compression Stockings

Nurses often work long shifts. They spend many hours standing on their feet, which can cause physical stress and affect blood circulation. Compression socks improve the blood circulation throughout the legs allowing nurses to have more time taking care of others instead of worrying about them.

socks nurses

Find high-quality socks that comes in lots of funky patterns, but they’ll also fight odor, bacteria, and moisture and increase blood circulation to prevent sore feet.

Why not wear something that relates with a nurse?

  1. Shoes

This article will say it again — nurses spend all day on their feet. Get them a great pair of comfortable shoes and they will love you forever.

nurses shoes

A good pair of shoes would save them from foot, leg and back pains.

Few standards to meet are: they should be non-slip, easy to wipe clean, electrical hazard safe, and leave no marks on the floor. They also have a durable and lightweight.

Relaxation and Recreation

Every nurse should have at least one diversion activity. Your nurses should divert their attention from the stress and pressure brought on by the nursing profession. Whether it be an actual physical hardships or workplace drama, relax and recreation is an effective way to get your mind off work for a change and have F-U-N.

  1. Subscription

Nurses barely acquire time to do the things they enjoy the most, such as watching, reading and listening to music. Give your favorite nurse a gift subscription. These services allow nurses in your life to catch up on their favorite hobbies without leaving the comfort of their homes.

coupon free subscription

For movie and series enthusiasts, the sudden influx of streaming and video on-demand services is available such as Netflix, iFlix, HOOQ, Amazon Prime, Fox+. For music lovers, music streaming services let you listen to any song or album for a small fee. These are Spotify, Apple music, Rhapsody,Tidal and the like. And for our beloved book worms, eBook and audio book services can unlock an entire world of literature to be downloaded and read on demand. Scribd, Kindle Unlimited, Playster, Kobo Plus and other similar sites, are to name a few.

  1. Spa Voucher

With all those hard work and daily job of saving lives, you nurses need some time to freshen up and relax with a little pampering. Why not give them a spa voucher? Nursing is a stressful job at times, and that stress can build up without proper time to relieve the stress from work.

woman relaxing

Give your nurse an amazing massage or day in the spa. It will refresh them and prepare for the next battle day. It will help them improve their patient care that much more. They deserve every bits of it.

  1. Dine-In Treats

dine out

Here is a gift that has nothing to do with being a nurse, but that every nurse will surely appreciate. How about treating your favorite nurse to a scrumptious meal? A nice meal and of course a gorgeous and delicious dessert.

  1. Gateway

Or, if you have the means, take them on a well-deserved, pre-planned, relaxing vacation – preferably on a beach with unlimited margaritas!

night our party

Show your favorite nurse that you really love him with a night out – Whether together, with friends, or for a later date whenever he has the desire to go.

  1. A day of nothingness

girl in the window

Be the guard outside his or her bedroom. Make sure there is nothing, as in NOTHING, will bother her. Let her spend the day as she pleases. If she wants to lie down and stare at the ceiling, let her.

Can’t decide what to give your favorite nurse for Christmas?

Why not give them a box-filled of goodies!

box of goodies gifts

You can put together yourself a box filled with inexpensive stuffs like your special other’s favorite food or assorted things from the list above. Tailoring it perfectly personalized for the nurse in question. It will be a box-filled with surprises and endless gifts. This is just right for your beloved nurse. You’ll also get extra points for the thought and effort you put into it. Everyone wins!

Nurses find joy in the smallest things. Because of the stressful nature of their jobs sometimes the best gifts for nurses are the fun and silly ones. Nurses deal with life and sometimes death, difficult personalities, and endless bureaucracy day-in, day-out. At the end of the day, she probably wants to just relax with a clear mind.

The list of gifts above is just material gifts to show appreciation. But they say that “the best things in life aren’t things”. Most of the time the work nurses does go un-thanked during shift changes and emergencies. A warm hug and a simple “thank you” go a long way.

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