Nursing is a passionate profession. It is the profession that requires not only motivation, drive, knowledge, and skills. It is the one profession that requires one to take heart, to use his compassion in rendering genuine, altruistic care to different people no matter what race, color, age, sex, gender identity, nationality, culture, language, and ethnicity, whoever they are. It is the profession whose sole purpose is to provide “care”.

When people are asked to state what they think nurses do, they would often say some of these: they take BP, they give medicines, they bathe patients, they feed patients, and they talk to doctors. Yes, nurses do all these things, but there is more than what meets the eye. Nursing is a holistic profession. The caring involved in Nursing is not only limited to the physical aspect of the person, rather it focuses on the totality. It cares for the human person’s physical, emotional, social, mental, and spiritual aspects, and not everyone knows this.

Being a nurse is not easy. It is not enough that one is possessed with the knowledge and skills required for the basic technicalities of the job. Nursing requires an unfathomable amount of patience, undying altruism, tremendous passion, and generally, love for humanity and life. Nursing deals with the various complexes of the human person and to be able to reach this level of efficiency, one must be equipped with a high level of understanding and an open mind.

A nurse must be able to effectively treat physical symptoms felt by patients in congruence with the medical management. He must also be able to emotionally provide support to the patient and his family to ensure emotional stability and a high sense of well-being. Knowledge provides a nurse the necessary techniques and facts needed to ensure proper initiation of therapeutic communication to establish a solid base of mental health. A nurse encourages socialization and involves a lot of people in the care of the client for support and concern from available network supports.

Lastly, a nurse must be able to fully respect a client’s standpoint on his beliefs and worldviews on religion and spirituality. With all these things I stated, one can blatantly see that being a nurse is serious business. You just do not deal with physicality; you deal with totality, to ensure health promotion and a rising of the client’s level of well-being.

Nursing is a heroic profession. Nurses are constantly exposed to various hazards found around the premises they serve. They treat the sick, provide support, and they alleviate suffering, whilst at the same time safeguarding their own health and their psyche. There is valor and bravery in pursuing Nursing as it pledges service to various people with various conditions. As the common saying goes, “a nurse already has one foot at the grave”. It is true.

We are exposed to various diseases, every day. We are stressed by some doctors who treat us like their inferiors, where in fact, we are the ones who take care of their clients. Some of us skip their meals just for us to be able to prepare and administer that medication for our client at that critical time. Wherever you are, there is a nurse that has set-aside going to the CR even if he needs to just to run to the client who pressed that buzzer.

There is that nurse who risks his health just to provide care to his client. It is a stressful job, yes, but it is fruitful. At the end of the day, when you see clients improving their health, it provides a nurse with a deep sense of fulfillment that only he understands. It is through those simple smiles and thank you from clients who were once in excruciating pain that makes the nurse feel that his sacrifice was worth it.

the-returning-hero-a-red-cross-nurseThere is valor, and there is sacrifice in being a nurse. It is a calling. It is a passion for the safeguard of life and the alleviation of suffering. It is not for the faint-hearted, for the ones who are in it just for the compensation. It is a dedication to compassionate caring for our fellow men. It is rooted in Altruism that seeks to provide caring, love, and service to those ailed with disease and suffering. It is sacrifice, a sacrifice for the good of the humanity we serve.

“Nursing is the profession where you see people in white or in scrubs smiling seemingly like angels, rendering care to their clients; little do people know that these very people have sacrificed so much of themselves just to answer that calling to serve humanity and preserve life.

Little do people know how their hands save lives, how their words brighten up days and provide hope, how their love for humanity has provided them with the bravery to risk already a part of their selves, all in the name of service and altruism. So, the next time you see a nurse, please say thank you. It means so much to us.”

Article by JD Gopez

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