Thursday, January 20, 2022
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Nurses Stories

One thing amazing about being a nurse is that every day is not the same. Here is a collection of both clouds and dirt describing the life of being a nurse.


More than Just a Textbook

When I graduated in college, I thought that nursing is but a basic science, a profession written in textbooks, and a job dictated by...
nurse struggles-of-saving-life

Nurse’s Stories: The Everyday Struggles of Saving Life

    People would often say that being a nurse is more than a mere profession. In fact, every nurses would attest to this...

20 Sentiments A Ward Nurse Wants You to Know

There are some things that we want to share with others but we just keep to ourselves to avoid chaos and misunderstandings. Nurses are...
doctor bully

When The Bully Doctor Made Rounds

I haven’t pee, drink water, or eaten my lunch for the last 8 hours because of the busy shift. At long last, after finishing...
senior lady patient alone in hospital ward

Why Nurses are Not Always at Patient’s Bedside?

A folk of the patient walked to the nurse’s station and complained why nurses are doing paper works instead of attending to the patients....
i miss my white uniform

I Miss You White Uniform

In a mall, while eating on a table I saw people in white passing by. They’re neat, handsome and pretty and I think they’re...
Communitty Volunteer nurse

Community Health Nursing: Boring or Interesting?

Once you hear community health nursing, what comes into your mind? Does it sound interesting? Or you find it boring?  A lot of nurses...

Valor and Sacrifice:The Nursing Profession

Nursing is a passionate profession. It is the profession that requires not only motivation, drive, knowledge, and skills. It is the one profession that...