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20 Sentiments A Ward Nurse Wants You to Know

There are some things that we want to share with others but we just keep to ourselves to avoid chaos and misunderstandings. Nurses are people with a lot of things in their minds and we too have a share of sentiments we keep inside during our day-to-day duties. Here are 20 things nurses will not tell clients, (and fellow nurses) but want to :

  1. I am a nurse. I am just like you, my dear colleague. Do not think that you are better than me.
  2. When I ask a question, I expect an honest answer. Do not lie. We can tell.
  3. When you buzz and I do not come immediately, it’s either I am attending to a patient at the bedside, or I am with a doctor doing rounds. Do not storm into the station like you are my only client.
  4. That call button is for EMERGENCIES only.
  5. As much as possible, refrain from bringing children into the hospitals. We have tons of germs here and they could get sick.
  6. When your relative who is sick tells you he is in pain, believe him. You should know how it feels like to be sick.
  7. You DO NOT own this hospital. DO NOT act as if you do.
  8. We respect you, but please respect us.
  9. Doc, I know you are the best consultant available; but please, do not act as if you are higher than me. We are from separate departments. I look out for your client 24/7 and I am doing my job well.
  10. DO NOT lurk around at the nurse station trying to threaten me to attend to you immediately. I shall attend to you once I finish attending to another client complaining of intense abdominal pain accompanied by restlessness.
  11. It is okay if your relatives will ask us to take their blood pressures, but please, inform them that we have other patients too waiting for us.
  12. Smile. It costs you nothing but to us, it means everything.
  13. I do everything within my power to help you. Help yourself.
  14. Do not believe EVERYTHING doctors say. Always opt for a second opinion.celebrity-pictures-leonard-laurie-trust-doctor
  15. I explain all the procedures I do and all the drugs I give to you; and I expect you to listen.
  16. When I insert an IV and I do not get it on the first try, I feel terrible. I am sorry, but sometimes veins are very sensitive and would bulge on the first try.
  17. I studied this profession for four years and I was exposed to different hospitals. I know what I am doing.
  18. Trust us and we shall trust you.
  19. Doctors do not save your lives. We do. We are the ones present 24/7 attending to you in their absence while you are admitted. We are the ones who initiate CPR and we are the ones who would perform life-saving emergency procedures for you.
  20. I am a nurse, ma’am. I have a clear statement of my duties and responsibilities and I know them. I am not your slave. I am a professional.nursing

There are a lot of things us-ward nurses want our patients, doctors, and colleagues to know. These are only a few of the hundreds of sentiments we have. If you have something you want to say to someone, feel free to comment below. Nurses, speak up!

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  1. Thank you for reading. Yes, we all do experience these things. It is all about adjustment and understanding. =)

  2. I couldn’t agree more. For some reason I felt relief after reading this. I guess nurses experience the same scenarios especially in wards. You just have to deal with the toxicity both of the patient and their love ones. If you had a toxic free duty then be thankful. It only happens once in a while.


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