In a mall, while eating on a table I saw people in white passing by. They’re neat, handsome and pretty and I think they’re cool. I noticed happy faces despite their elevated stress levels at work. They don’t have salary with 5 figures but I believe they have this special kind of joy that others don’t have. Suddenly a question crosses my mind. Are they truly happy? How will nurses define genuine happiness? A lot of people dream of wearing the nurse’s white uniform. Even I was one of them. Wearing it is something, it’s a big deal. For me, it’s a WOW and plus points. Others associate it with status in life and label them as “Can afford”. Some may look at this simple uniform with a dollar sign. However, people don’t know the real meaning of wearing it. They don’t have the idea that the more it is appealing to the eye, the greater the task lies within. If only they recognize the difficulty of duty, they will never wish that one day they’re wearing it.

3 peak reasons why I dislike wearing that famous white uniform:

TOP 3- a scenario flashes back when I’m still a student nurse and hates riding a jeepney wearing all white. My imagination takes me to a picture of vehicular accident wherein bloody people are begging for help. Maybe that’s the effect of watching final destination repeatedly. There’s a big possibility that people will call you in case of emergency and they suppose you’re a hero and you know what to do.

Top 2- I love going to work looking and smelling fresh. I hate it much when after hospital duty; I look like a rag going home. You can see ink stain, dirt from patient’s chart, and a splash of bag of water and blood in my dear white uniform. Well, that’s the evidence of hard work plus pressure.

TOP 1- it’s scary when you go to the rural area wearing that uniform because people will rush and it gives them false impression of free clinic. They expect you to answer all their questions about diseases, ask you what medications to take and force you to prescribe one, and the worst thing is they will call you Doc and ask you to do some major operations. Funny but it’s true.

Despite these, I still miss the feeling of leaving the house in all white uniform. I miss the respect and the adrenalin rush I feel that even the most expensive clothing can’t offer. It’s just an affordable white cloth but it can take you to life’s different faces. It will train you to be patient, to listen, to care and to share what you have. You’ll witness the joyous beginning of life and the bitter and sorrowful end of it. It will give you a chance to choose the beautiful side of life and make the most out of it. It will make you realize the value of existence and understand why God picked you and prefer white as the color of your uniform. Someone wearing it that does its job by heart can find genuine happiness and contentment. It can teach you lessons; it can make you a better person. I guarantee and it will give you an extraordinary journey.


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