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Tips for July 2012 Nursing Board Examination in the Philippines

It is roughly a month to go before the Nursing Board Exam commences. The challenge for nursing students has been greater than any other period in their lives. The tension is rising and the anxiety is at its peak. The question now is, are you ready to face the Nursing Board Exam?

For nursing students, this is the epitome of their four-year course. This is the moment that would determine if they are fit enough to be one of the nursing students privileged to practice the profession of nursing. So here are a few tips in preparation for this big challenge:

1. Use a timetable for reviewing and studying

With a month before the examination, this is now the time wherein you can utilize practice tests that are readily available on this site rnspeak.com. Make a schedule wherein you are mentally alert to absorb facts. It is also important to take breaks in between each study session.

An effective timetable means making a schedule for each scope of the nursing board exam. For instance, you can divide the 30 days of June to cover each topic. An example of this could be seen in the table below:

*Take note that this is just an example of a schedule. You can modify this schedule that suits you.

June 2012

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
13hours: Anatomy and Physiology 15 min Break3 hours: Fundamentals in Nursing 23 hours: Fundamentals in Nursing15 minute break3 hours:

Fundamentals in Nursing

3REST DAY 43 hours: Maternal and Child Nursing15 minute break3 hours:

Maternal and Child Nursing

53 hours: Medical-Surgical Nursing15 minute break3 hours:

Medical and Surgical Nursing

63 hours: Psychiatric Nursing15 minute break3 hours:

Psychiatric Nursing

73 hours: Community Health Nursing15 minute break

3 hours:

Community Health Nursing

83 hours: Pediatric Nursing15 minute break

3 hours: Pediatric Nursing

93 hours: Geriatric Nursing15 minute break

Nursing Leadership Management and Research

10REST DAY 113 hours:Nursing Leadership, Management and Research15 minute break 123 hours: Nursing Law and Jurisprudence15 minute break3 hours:

Nursing Law and Jurisprudence

133 hours:Obstetrics and Gynecological Nursing15 minute break

3 hours: Obstetrics and Gynecological Nursing

143 hours:IMCI15 minute break

3 hours:

Nursing Trending Topics I

153 hours:Nursing Trending Topics II15 minute break

3 hours:

Practice Tests

163 hours: Practice Tests15 minute break3 hours: Practice Tests
17REST DAY 18FINAL REVIEW 19> 20> 21> 22> 23>
24REST DAY 25 26 27 28 29 30

You can try to observe what your best time to study is; others may want to study early in the morning whereas others may prefer it at night. The most important thing is to stick with the schedule.

2. Examine your capabilities such as strengths and weaknesses.

This is where practice tests came into the picture. The goal of practice tests designed in such a way that it is similar to the board exam is an important tool in order to gauge where you are good at and where you are not. Take note of the things that you do not know yet and provide ample time to explore more about them.

Review your mistakes on each practice test in order to remember each concept behind it.

It is believed that the things that you remember the most are the things that you have been wrong before.

3. Experience can be the best teacher.

Recall the past clinical experience you have in the past. Correlate it in the book and see the difference between the actual and ideal setting. Remember that the nursing board examination uses an ideal setting, with a challenge to your critical thinking skills. Refer to textbooks in order to summarize each idea.

4. Pray before each review.

Last but not the least, always pray for a sound mind and good judgment. Nothing beats a stronger faith in the will of the Lord. He will give you that peace that passes all man’s understanding and will definitely make you concentrated on the examination. Praying can actually give you more focus.

5. Give time for occasional breaks.

Having a break is also an essential aspect. It may mean taking a walk or jog. Eating a healthy snack rich in protein can also help your brain to absorb more. Taking a cat nap can also energize you.

Preparation for Test in the last 7 days before the exam:

1. Do not cram.

If you think that you need more time to study since there are lots to review, try to change the way you think. It is a reality that not all of them can be tackled. Trust in the Lord and know yourself. Accept the fact that you can pass the exam. Be contented with what you have studied and always stay away from intense anxiety. Mild anxiety can actually be a healthy one except for a panic state.

2. Prepare all needed materials.

This is the best time to pack up all the needed materials for the examination. These are the following:

a. Admission Slip

b. Ball pen

c. Pencils

d. Prescribed attire

e. Prescribed shoes

A night before the Nursing Board Examination

1. Take a good night’s sleep.

At this time you have kept all the studying materials away from the bedside or study table. Do not try to open anything. Your goal at this time is to sleep soundly.

2. Pray.

Nothing beats a personal prayer in preparation for this great battle.

On the day of the examination

1. Eat

Have a healthy and full breakfast. This will make you up for the whole day examination. Try to avoid coffee or any other stimulants since it may affect your attention during the examination.

2. Exam techniques

Do not stay on a certain test question too long. Pace yourself according to the time allotted for each examination. Read the instructions carefully before answering. On multiple-choice questions, eliminate first the answers that are wrong.

Note the underlying keywords such as – all, most, least, best, except and not.

Good Luck and God bless!!!



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